Elegant Survival in Aspen

Elegant Survival
Report from Aspen

Downtown Aspen at Dusk, in May 2008. Photo copyright M-J
Looking down at Aspen from hill above downtown, where the grand Bass house is, and above my husband's old house.
Photo copyright M-J
Inside a "Grand Cottage" at L'Auberge d'Aspen, which is in town.
Photo copyright M-J
Photo copyright M-J
The bedroom, with preserved copies of The Denver Post, from the 1920s.
Photo copyright M-J
Kitchenette, Complete with Stove-Top, Refrigerator, Microwave Oven, Cooking and Serving Utensils. Photo copyright M-J
Side Street Downtown Aspen with Firetruck. Photo copyright M-J
Photo copyright M-J
Photo copyright M-J
View from Kitchenette Door, in L'Auberge d'Aspen Grand Cottage
Photo copyright M-J
Surprise: We Saw an Informative Film about Master Shirtmaker Alexander Kabbaz on Our Television! Photo copyright M-J2008
Photo copyright M-J

For about a hundred dollars a night, you can rent a cottage at L'Auberge d'Aspen,
(435 W Main St,Aspen, CO 81611 (888) 649-5982)
before the high summer season begins. This rustic and charming cottage looks like it was decorated by Ralph Lauren. It has a huge bathroom with whirlpool tub, and plenty of drawers under the counter for your things. There is a kitchenette between the living room and bedroom, complete with stove and small refrigerator. Air conditioning/heating units are in the living room and bedroom, with remote controls. Those rooms also have excellent ceiling fans. You park right next to your door, where unloading the vehicle is so convenient. In the living room, there's a television and stereo sitting on top of a chiffarobe-armoire, which contains hanging space for your shirts, as well as a mini-ironing board and an iron. The bathroom has a built-in hairdryer. The bedroom has a full closet and large chest of drawers. We consider it a luxury to be self-sufficient on a trip--to not have to depend on restaurants, so we shopped at City Market and cooked our own breakfasts. Click the photos for a closer view of the cottage.

Speaking of luxury, if you'd like to be pampered, the new St. Regis Hotel in Aspen has off-season accomodations starting at $200.00 a night.

M-J Having Coffee (husband is taking photo) at the Gorgeous St. Regis Resort in Downtown Aspen. Photo copyrightM-J

The St. Regis Resort Hotel, Aspen, Colorado--Photo Courtesy of the Hotel
(all other photos on this page are by M-J de Mesterton)

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