Herbs and other Ingestibles that Help in Weight-Loss

Phaseolamin (extract of the Northern White Kidney Bean Phaseolus vulgaris)-helps block the conversion of dietary starch into glucose and thus prevents complex carbs from being digested.Wheat amylase inhibitor-Act in the same manner as Phaseolamin
Green tea leaf extract 100mg (45% mg caffeine-EGCG-)-, a component of Green Tea helps the body use stored fatty acids for conversion to energy, the caffeine helps to boost the body’s metabolism
Peppermint leaf-Peppermint has shown in some studies to boost energy levels and reduce sleepiness.
Cinnamon bark-mild stimulant, helps normalize blood sugar spikes and prevent “crashes” in energy due to these spikes. Helps control cravings for carbs and sugary foods.
Lemon verbena herb (aerial parts)-digestive aid
Chamomile flower-digestive aid
Ginger root-metabolism booster/thermogenic, helps normalize blood sugar spikes
Licorice root-helps normalize blood sugar spikes, digestive aid
Tangerine peel-promotes circulation, thought to boost metabolism in traditional Chinese medicine
Chicory root-tonic, promotes overall energy and metabolism boost
It helps to supress your appetite
Gymnema sylvestre leaf-helps block taste for sweets, and helps normalize blood glucose
Fenugreek seed-helps normalize blood sugar to control cravings and hunger, reduces body fat production
Aloe vera leaf-helps normalize blood sugar
Bitter melon fruit-helps normalize blood sugarCitrus aurantium extract (6% synephrine, immature fruit)-boosts metabolism, thermogenic
Lycium berry-also known as Gojii berry, overall tonic and digestive aid
Finally, it helps metabolize a portion of the fats that you consume.
Chitosan (marine fiber concentrate SHELL FISH)-a non-digestible fiber from sea animals, helps to block fats from being absorbed by trapping them and blocking access to the intestinal walls
Psyllium husk-bulking agent, promotes bowel regularity, blocks access to intestinal walls and traps nutrients, helps normalize blood glucose
Glucomannan-non-soluble vegetable fibers which swell in the digestive tract forming a bulky mass that helps trap fats and blocking absorption via the intestinal walls, slows carbohydrate digestion and helps normalize blood sugar
Butternut bark-liver cleanser, stimulates bile flow, gentle laxative
Buckthorn bark-colon cleanser, gentle laxative
Rhubarb root-kidney cleanser, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, gentle laxative, diuretic
Ginger root-digestive system tonic, blood cleanser, anti-parasitic, liver cleanser
Fennel seed-digestive system protectant, kidney and liver cleanser
Goldenseal herb (aerial parts)-digestive system tonic, liver cleanser, anti-microbial, bladder cleanser
Raspberry leaf-anti-microbial, digestive system tonic
Cayenne pepper-blood cleanser and stimulant, liver cleanser
Oat fiber

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