Cats, the Elegant Survival Pets

Photo Copyright M-J de M.

American Humane on Why Cats are Great Pets

A twenty-pound bag of Purina Cat food costs around $15.00 at Sam's Club, and will feed one cat for six months or more.

Cat litter may be bought in bulk, packaged in reusable plastic storage-buckets.

Cats naturally repel mice from your home. They are cleanliness-loving creatures who like to clean up after themselves, and resist things that are dirty, unlike dogs.

Cats can be left alone in your dwelling for days at a time, provided with dry food and water dispensers (they emit the food or water gradually from a plastic storage bin), and a couple of cat-boxes. Technological geniuses have developed litter-boxes that are self-cleaning.

Cats will sleep most of the time while you aren't home, and will amuse themselves for a few minutes a day to get their exercise.

Cats: Elegant Survivors

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