Electrolux: the Swedish Company's Anti-Noise Campaign

Noise can drive you out of your mind, or at least raise your blood pressure. AEG Electrolux, the innovative yet old and venerable Swedish appliance company has a campaign to create noise-pollution awareness, together with an electronic sign company called, ironically, "Blow-Up".

Noise Pollution Kills!

Photo: Dick van Patten Playing a Noise-Pollution Victim in Mel Brooks' Comedy, High Anxiety

I remember reading in Dagens Nyheter in the year 2000, about women who worked at nursery schools in Sweden being driven mad by the noise of many children at once screaming and shouting all day long. They had nightmares, and many other horrible symptoms, both physical and mental. Imagine the impact such a situation has on little children! I pity them, and consider myself fortunate to never have had to suffer pre-school or nursery school, where the very young child is forced to vie for attention among a great throng of others. It must be conducive to terrors and frustrations, and cause them to scream. Neighbours with barking dogs at all hours of the night are causing those around them to lose sleep, which can lead to the loss of jobs and can harm relationships because of its effect on the nerves. Booming car stereos that resemble thunder, or, even worse, replicate the sounds of bombing and earthquakes can terrify the calmest of adults. Noise pollution has many forms; some can be ameliorated, and some cannot. Electrolux is making quiet appliances, and that's important to city apartment living. We should all strive to make life serene by keeping our environment quieter, if possible. Peace begins with us.

Noise Pollution Kills

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