Elegant Dressing: Vogue Patterns

Judging from the detailed description and drawing of this elegant pant-suit pattern in Vogue Patterns catalogue, the trousers have a true waist, though it's hard to see it in the photo on the left. Badgley Mischka Suit at Vogue Patterns
If you can't or won't sew, give the pattern and your choice of fabric to a seamstress who will.

Elegant Dressing

Comments on the Waist

It's time for designers and marketers to stop calling a true waist a "high waist".

Just because the industry bastardized the waist for so many years (actually eliminated the waist altogether), and it was nearly impossible to find anything but the old, tired hip-huggers from the sixties and seventies, they assume that they can call anything that actually lands on the waist "high-waisted".

Innumerable are the times have I explained to both men and women that to wear trousers starting below the navel is to seriously truncate one's legs. How many people are lucky enough to have very long legs? Only they can afford to sport this fashion foolishness without looking short and dumpy.

A skirt or pair of trousers that doesn't come up to the natural waist is a waste of money. It is neither classic nor flattering to your figure.
~~Copyright M-J de Mesterton, July 2008

The Perfect Jacket, Dress and Skirt Pattern

This four-in-one Vogue pattern, V1068, for a jacket, dress, blouse, gored skirt and trousers with a real waist, is a great find! These are truly flattering styles; classic shapes for grown-up women. The jacket is peplum-style, and can be belted and worn with six-button length gloves. I have some brown suede gloves exactly as shown in the Vogue photo. One of the benefits of making things from patterns is being able to choose your fabric, which lowers your chances of having an ensemble identical to someone else's. I'm going to buy this Vogue pattern, during this two-day sale, and have someone make the pieces for me. Click on the photo for pattern number and ordering. Remember, sizes of patterns are much different from those in ready-made clothing. Size-Chart for Vogue Patterns

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