Elegant Survival Wine Recommendations

Photograph copyright M-J de Mesterton 2007
In today's International Herald Tribune, Eric Asimov says that there are "Rewards for Drinking on the Cheap", and then alludes to the Frank Zappa song, "Cheepnis", from the early 1970s. He seems to believe that spending twenty-five dollars is "cheap". Then, he cites some pleasant wines that cost 15 and 12 dollars. He hasn't read Elegant Survival. I'll go you one better, Mr. Asimov: I'll sing the opening line of Cheepnis, and show you what REAL cheap wine is!

I ate a hot dog--it tasted real goo-ood--and then I watched a movie from Hollywoo--ood!~~Frank Zappa

In the past, I've recommended a Provençal wine, Le Pigeoulet (8-10 USD), an Argentinian red from Vistalba Cortea de la Estancia Carlos Pulenta for circa 11 USD, and now the topper of my list of low-cost good wines, which I have been touting for nine months: Torres Malena Garnacha Spanish red table wine, a steal at 6 USD--about which I have heard nothing but stellar reports, both at our parties and on the internet.

Then, there is my old fave from France: Parallèle"45"Côtes du Rhône Paul Jaboulet: always dependable and reasonably-priced at 6-8 USD.

Photo Copyright M-J de Mesterton 2006

I appreciate his piece on cheaper wines, though. Eric Asimov is well-motivated, and apparently a fellow Zappa fan. I'm glad that somebody is scouting-out inexpensive wines. I've always believed that there are high-quality wines costing little, and what we consider to be low-quality wines costing a lot. Because I'm so happy with the aforementioned bottles, I'm not looking for more wines to recommend these days, but if I discover one, I'll share it here. Come to think of it, we'll be visiting a friend who is a wine distributor this weekend...meanwhile, I recommend reading Eric Asimov's article!

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