MSN's Faulty Fashion Advice

From their page, Swimsuits You'll Want to Be Seen In
see this. Why couldn't they put a model in this one? Because no one wants to be seen in it!

And, from their page lauding jeans as a classic: they finally mention something I have been writing about for three years, the muffin-top look, but get it wrong. Just because women have been willing fashion-victims for the past ten years and worn slacks, jeans, pants, trousers and skirts that are hip-huggers without actual waists, it doesn't mean that the reappearance of an actual waist constitutes "high waisted" items. I wish these brainwashed fashion reporters would use the correct nomenclature. Clothing that is suppressed at the natural waist is NOT "high-waisted". This idiocy has been reported here on Elegant Survival more than once in the past few months.

High waists are Empire-style, just below the breast, and do just as much to create a big-bellied look as the hip-hugging biker-jeans and "drop-waists" have been doing throughout recent memory. Empire waists create a bulge underneath them, as hip-belted clothing creates a huge belly above it. Want a false pregnancy? Get an Empire-waisted dress or blouse. Then you can pretend that you have an illicit bun-in-the-oven, and are awaiting a Victorian-style punishment. Fashion-victims are masochists, are they not?

~~Copyright M-J de Mesterton, 2008

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