The Death-Knell of Civilization: Men Wearing Shorts to Work

The Death-Knell of Civilization: Men Wearing Shorts to Work
Thursday, July 31, 2008

I've written about this untidy habit before, but now it is being sanctioned by The New York Times. Of course, there's very little in the realm of perversity that the Gray Lady won't promote.

In Bermuda, the shorts are nearly knee-length, and that no gentleman wears them without knee socks, either of light, ribbed cotton in hot weather, or wool during cooler times of the year. Men in Bermuda traditionally wear these shorts with blazer, shirt and tie, accompanied by real shoes--no boaters, sneakers or sandals.

When you read that NYT piece, you will see that what is being touted there is a far cry from what is acceptable in Bermuda, a very civilized place with a dress-code.

People who walk around Manhattan in shorts, be they men or women, just look like rubes, hicks and slobs. It's still the mark of an idiot who has no respect and lacks a sense of propriety. I don't care if it is 2008.

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