Wine Snobbery No Longer Blocks the Box, Continued

It is environmentally-friendly, user-friendly, and fun: wine in a box now has appeal for nearly everyone! The boxed wine is contained in a "bladder", and the wine is dispensed through a tap that pops out of the box. Aussies and New Zealanders have been drinking boxed wine for many years, and California has offered good, ready-to-drink wines for the refrigerator and counter-top for a long time. Wine snobs and Francophiles can reassure themselves knowing that in France it is standard to keep a box o'rosé on-tap in the fridge. Good wine brands come in three-liter units. A red wine that doesn't need to age can sit on a counter-top in your kitchen, ready for guests to tap, or for dispensing into an elegant glass decanter. The wine stays fresh because there is no air in the bladder, unlike when you pop a cork on a heavy glass bottle. Speaking of heavy glass, there is much less breakage and fewer bottles in your domicile with a handy box of good wine. To dispose of the container, cut and fold the box, "recycle" it, and toss the now-tiny bladder that used to hold your excellent wine.

Inexpensive, Good Boxed Wines Available at Target

Innovative Packaging

Wine Cubes are currently available in two sizes: 3-liter and 1.5-liter. The 3-liter Wine Cube holds the equivalent of four bottles of wine while the 1.5-liter Wine Cube holds the equivalent of two bottles of wine.Easy to stack, pack and carry, Wine Cubes are perfect for entertaining and on-the-go gatherings—picnics, family reunions, tailgates, barbecues, holiday parties and more. The eco-friendly packs are constructed of durable, renewable resource materials, ideal anywhere that glass containers are not suitable.

An innovative ramp evacuation system within the cube ensures that the wine is never exposed to oxygen and makes it possible for the wine to last four weeks after opening, guaranteeing that every drop is as good as the first.

Tasting Profile
Pinot Grigio-Packed with flavors of sweet pear and white peach. Deliciously juicy, smooth and aromatic.
Sauvignon Blanc-Crisp and refreshing, with appealing herbal aromas and fruit flavors of citrus and green apple.
Chardonnay-Full-bodied and smooth with apples, melon, citrus and a delicate floral note with hints of creamy vanilla.
Merlot-Scents of cocoa, sweet tea and spice, and a velvety texture for easy sipping.
Cabernet Sauvignon-Oak-aged for richness and sports juicy blackberry and plum flavors with a touch of herbal complexity.
Cabernet/Shiraz-The marriage of two popular grape varieties creates a seamless 50/50 blend. Medium to full-bodied with dark berry richness from Shiraz and a touch of herbal elegance from Cabernet Sauvignon.
Australian Chardonnay-Rich and crisp with a smooth texture, featuring flavors of tropical fruits and citrus, and a bright, clean finish.
Australian Shiraz-Lush, full-bodied wine packed with pepper, smoke and spice.
Product Pricing Details
The 3-liter Wine Cube, which retails for $15.99, is available in seven varieties including, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio, Australian Shiraz and a Cabernet/Shiraz blend.

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