Tattoos: You Have to Hate Yourself to Get One, but They May Be Undone

A New Procedure Is Said to Remove Tattoos without Pain or Scarring

So much for the "back to nature" crowd, who don't mind crowding their skin with colored needle-marks. Temporary insanity may be the cause of so many tattoos, or drug-induced delusions, but tattoos are permanent. Still, people have tried to have them erased. Removing regrettable tattoos from skin has traditionally been a painful process. Lately, cosmetic surgeons have developed what they say is a more efficient and less painful method for removing "body art".

An innovative cream called Rejuvi, when injected into the skin, is absorbed by a tatoo's synthetically-pigmented cells and bonds with the pigment. The ink is thereby softened and lifted to the epidermal surface, where it forms a scab. When the scab falls off after six to eight weeks, the ink supposedly goes with it.

Experts claim that this new technique has a better success rate than oft-used laser treatments, is less expensive, less painful, and involves a lower risk of residual scar-tissue.

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