Cheddar Cheese Stands Alone at Elegant Survival

Cheddar Cheese Stands Alone at Elegant Survival

2009 April 25, by M-J de Mesterton
Cheddar Cheese and Rock Painting by M- de Mesterton, Photo Copyright 2009

Cheddar with Rock Painting by M- de Mesterton Copyright 2009

California Cheddar by Albertson's, Photo Copyright M-J de Mesterton 2009

Cheddar by Albertson's, Copyright M-J de Mesterton

My three favourite cheeses are Cheddar (named after the town in England) and Parmesan (named after Parma, Italy). Of course, I am fond of other cheeses from around the world, such as Swedish Farmer’s Cheese, Danish Havarti, Kashkeval, feta, halloumi, mimolette and brie, but these two cheeses seem to have many more applications.

One of the nice things about Cheddar cheese is its versatility: it is always welcome at a cocktail or drinks party, and melts well for nachos and other American dishes.

The charming host of America’s Test Kitchen, Christopher Kimball, also of Cook’s Illustrated magazine, has written about Cheddar cheese in its latest number, and has also conducted a taste-and-quality test of various Cheddars offered in most American supermarkets. I have always depended upon the quality and taste of Tillamook (Oregon) and Cracker Barrel brands. The test results bore out my choices. Another great Cheddar from the U.S.A., available in several western states, is Albertson’s supermarket brand California Cheddar (pictured here), costing about four dollars per pound, a price which is commensurate with that of the two aforementioned selections.

Here is the article about Cheddar cheese from this month’s Cook’s magazine.

~~Copyright M-J de Mesterton, 2009

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