School Choice

School Vouchers are a result of poor educational standards, thanks to unions that hire teachers who didn't get more than a C average in school themselves, together with an institutional resistance to accountability and professional improvements. The existence of voucher systems provides competition to teachers' unions, and forces them to create and adhere to higher standards. School vouchers and charter schools were created by groups of parents who were fed-up with a deteriorating public school system that cared more about social engineering than academic achievement. The people at the Washington, D.C. rally feel that they should have the same school choice as President Obama's children, but he is curtailing the program henceforth, and has instructed it to not accept any new students. So, once more, the teachers' unions and the NEA will have a monopoly on public education, and the bar in Washington, D.C. will be forever lowered since they now have no competition.~~M-J

Source: Home of the Drew Carey Project and other libertarian videos.