M-J's Elegant Tart Made with Two Apples

All you need to make a tart like this  is a reliable tart pan with a removable bottom (about ten USD at Target, for example), a good crust recipe (see Elegant Cook), some reduced apple sauce or juice concentrate if you have it, for added flavor, two apples, a little butter and sugar.

Fruit is very expensive nowadays, and if you cannot go to the market frequently, it is unlikely that you will have plenty of apples with which to make a traditional pie. Food prices are going to skyrocket, since the delivery of vegetables, fruits, and packaged goods depend upon oil and gas--two commodities that America is rich in, but our leaders are damning more by the day--to the extreme detriment of all itscitizens. We are all for alternative fuel sources, but there are none right now that don't use disproportionate amounts of water and corn to produce. Plants that produce food and goods also need energy to run. France depends upon its own nuclear energy for 80% of its power. Very few Francophiles in the United States, most of whom excoriate oil and gas, coal and nuclear energy, are aware of that fact, ironically. America's university chemical engineering departments have developed clean coal-producing plants, in order to run electrical grids with minimum pollution. Yet, people with nothing better to do spend big bucks putting huge adverts in the papers and on television repeating the howler that there's "no such thing as clean coal", not having bothered to inform themselves. Self-proclaimed "environmentalists" will not tolerate wind-farms within sight of their precious properties. And they think it's better to drill for the oil they require in someone else's backyard, in order to run their private jets and other gas-guzzling, luxurious transports. Meanwhile, America's economy is under assault from over-regulation by those without an understanding of business, trade, finance, and what it takes to run commerce or even a household. Fasten your seat-belts, it's going to be a bumpy ride downhill without any fuel...and learn to make an economical pie, because you still have to try and enjoy life!
©M-J de Mesterton 2010

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