Torres Malena, an Elegant Survival Wine

An Elegant, Affordable Wine

by the Award-Winning Torres Winery of Spain

Torres Malena 

Torres Malena Garnacha 2005 and 2006 (grenache: the grapes which are abundant in Provence*)

From (Spain) Catalunya: a red wine that is purple in color, with a sweet, fragrant bouquet featuring mostly plum and strawberry but also a touch of rusticity. Bold and full of cherry-cola flavors, while the feel is luxurious and proper. As the label declares, Malena Garnacha is light on the tannins. A very nice wine from Torres; great value--priced anywhere between six and ten dollars US. Available at Sam's Club, and when you buy it by the case, it happens to be a gorgeous wooden box.

We have served this wine at a many parties, and it is always a hit. Torres Malena Garnacha complements beef dishes, and anything else you are serving, including fowl.
Torres Malena Garnacha 2006 can be served room temperature, or heated for a hot spiced wine or glögg in winter.

*Garnacha is the Spanish name for the grenache noir grape. This grape is said to be originally Spanish, and is grown throughout Spain and southern France. Garnacha is particularly important in Rioja where it is blended into the Tempranillo, and in Priorat where it is the main varietal grape in world-class red wines.
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