Cruciferous Vegetables for Good Health

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The World's Healthiest Foods
The elegant radish can be eaten spread with a little butter, French style, usually as a breakfast component; as a fresh snack with a little salt and pepper, or sliced thinly in a tea-sandwich.
 Radishes are an effective liver-tonic the morning after a dinner party.

Red or purple cabbage is a health-promoting, cancer-inhibiting, cruciferous vegetable.
Green cabbage can be marinated in a salad European-style, stuffed as choux farcí, or stir-fried with other vegetables the Chinese way.
Cauliflower can be sautéed, steamed or baked. Popular methods of preparation include as a component of  casseroles, blanched on vegetable platters with dips,  and served in chunks with tahini sauce.
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