Make Your Own Finnish-Style Cheese: Leipäjuusto

Make Your Own Finnish-Style Cheese: Leipäjuusto

SEPTEMBER 29, 2008
by M-J de Mesterton
Leipäjuusto Photo by Teemu Rajala
Leipäjuusto and Cloudberry Jam: Photo by Teemu Rajala

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My mother gave me a booklet in 1985, when it was published: Kitsi Finnish Foodways, a publication of Suomi College (now called Finlandia University) for FinnFest 1985. My copy of Kitsi is yellowed. I don’t think my dear, departed mother ever made squeaky cheese, but, working at Suomi College’s Finnish-American Heritage Center, she did draw the illustrations on Kitsi’s cover. Leipäjuusto is an unusual creation that I really like with rye bread, when in Finland. Here is the recipe for making your own Finnish Squeaky Cheese.
Update: I’ve just found my mother’s friend, Beatrice Ojakangas’ blog, where she hosts a richer recipe for leipäjuusto.

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