Elegant Pound Cake for Easy Desserts

For about six dollars, you can purchase three pound-cakes and freeze at least one of them for impromptu occasions when guests appear for coffee and tea. This is a simple cake that some of us find challenging and rather expensive to make (a pound of butter and several eggs are typically used, together with a cup or more of sugar); luckily there are stores like Sam's Club where one may find bulk-packs of them in the bakery, costing only six dollars for three cakes. Pound-cake freezes very well and is easy to thaw. Slices of pound cake may be festooned with strawberries and cream, for example, or topped with nuts and syrup.  Pound cake can be used for making the classic dessert Baked Alaska or French petits fours. The creative possibilities are infinite with this classic, versatile loaf. To ensure that you always have something at hand to offer guests, a pound cake in the freezer is an easy, inexpensive and elegant solution.
©M-J de Mesterton

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