Elegant Survival Christmas Gift Recommendations

Occidental Tool Bags, Made in Sonoma County, California, USA
Read the glowing reviews here.
Not just a tool-bag, this beautiful creation in black or maroon leather will last a lifetime. I have been using the Oxy Machinist Bag as a hand-bag for years. It is ideal for travel, when ladies' purses get mistreated by airport personnel. Perfect for tools OR jewels, these strong, thick leather bags are made by Occidental Leather. See the company's "accessories" page. These bags are readily available on-line at the Tool Barn. Occidental doesn't sell directly to the public, but this creator of the world's best leather tool-belts and bags has an extensive list of dealers on its website. The owners tell us that their manufacturing facility will be featured in a springtime episode on the DIY channel. I will keep readers posted as to its date and time.
From the Occidental Leather site, their description of these elegant, rugged leather bags:

Oxy™ Machinist Bags

Legendary design and reliability. Sustainable all-leather carry cases for the collection of specific tools for your craft be it machinist, HVAC specialist, for specialized meters and instruments, finish carpenter, wood worker.
These rustic cases easily swallow the cherished chisel roll, the wrench collection, the driver bit collection, parts for cordless tools,etc. providing the perfect complement to all small tool organization.
These timeless handcrafted all leather gems provide heirloom quality and timeless value.

Chef's Choice Knife-Sharpeners
Perfect for the professional or home cook, Chef's Choice Diamond-Hone knife-sharpening stations are compact and easy-to-use.

Elegant Antique Vanity and Boudoir Pieces

Women’s Warm Winter Slippers at Target

OriginalLY PostED by M-J on 01/12/2008

These comfortable slippers are the next best thing to sheepskin, very comfortable and warm, with a non-skid sole to keep you from slipping and falling on slick floors. Ladies’ “Chandra” scuffs are faux-fur lined, real suede mules; they come in several colors. They’re a good deal at $16.99 per pair. My tests prove that they will not put scuff-marks on floors, despite their name!

Photo of M-J's Chandra Scuffs
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