The Proper Waistcoat

The Waistcoat Sits at the Waist, Not Near the Crotch

A Proper Waistcoat Sits at the Waist
The Proper Waistcoat Ends at the Actual Waist
You know that the waist is an inch above your navel. So why are men wearing their waistcoats down at their crotches? Probably because they have been brainwashed into believing that the waist is somewhere around the hips. This distortion has gone down long enough! And that’s just what a waistcoat that ends at the actual waist IS: LONG ENOUGH! Your trousers need to sit at your waist as well, otherwise they will give you Plumber’s Crack and fall down. If you persist in following fashion, your legs will look very short, while your torso goes south.
©M-J de Mesterton; December 22nd, 2010


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