Inelegant, Heavy Earrings

Elegant is not the word for the earrings shown on OMG's line-up of stars. Unless you're wearing beer-goggles.

Refer to my essay at the bottom of the first page of Elegant Survival, "Elegant Woman or Christmas Tree."

Ironically, Doctor Oz said just last week that earrings ought not be hanging more than an inch from one's ears, and that they must weigh no more than a half-ounce. Pendulous earrings are going to age your earlobes terribly. These photos show some really cheap looking earrings that may have cost a fortune, but then having truly elegant taste doesn't cost much.

Here is another weird interpretation of reality by OMG: what is essentially a girdle or corset masquerading as an evening gown would NOT be better without the diaphanous train:

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