U.S. Customs Seize Kinder Surprise Chocolates


It's an adventure that happened to a Canadian, Linda Bird, who went to the United States. Crossing the border, customs officers discovered that she had in her possession a chocolate egg called "Kinder Surprise"!
These foil-wrapped sweets made by European chocolatier Ferrero were banned in the U.S. after Washington D.C. expressed the fear that children could choke on small toys lying inside them, reports L'Essentiel.
In 2009, U.S. Customs  made 2000 seizures and confiscated more than 25,000 of Ferrero's special chocolate eggs.
"These are mainly individuals," said a spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security, Mike Milne, noting that such "contraband" reaches a peak at Christmas and another at Easter-time.
If you go to the U.S., please do not carry Kinder Surprise with you.
Who would have let  something so innocent cause such trouble? Surprise--it's the new nanny-state.