Avoiding Microwave Popcorn is Easy

I've just read Prevention Magazine's list of "seven foods that should never pass your lips"--in other words, seven foods to avoid. Microwave popcorn, which contains chemicals that can damage your lungs, among other things, is on the list.

Elegant Survival  has found that the stirring popcorn makers make the best fluffy stuff. Here is what I posted a few months ago on the subject:

The stirring popcorn maker by West Bend, Stir Crazy, available at Target for $19.99, makes wonderfully fluffy popcorn every time. This model is superior to the analogous product made by Presto, which costs ten dollars more at Wal-Mart and has a very weak bowl and useless lid. This popper is much more well-made. Instead of popping the corn in vegetable oil, I use coconut oil for a more health-promoting snack, then sprinkle Himalayan salt on the fluffy,  fibre-rich stuff.
One of the better bagged raw popcorn brands is Wal-Mart's Great Value. I find that it is superior to that of Orville Redenbacher. Pop Secret is good too, though it tastes a little less corny.
©M-J de Mesterton

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