Health-Hazards Everywhere, Unless You Take Care

Finally, things that I have been phobic about for years are coming to the fore of health-reportage. Sure, I was ridiculed for being too careful and fastidious, but then I never got ill.

I have the habit of intercepting restaurant menús as soon as waiters attempt to lay them upon my silverware and/or plate, knowing that they are never sterilised between uses, even if they are made of plastic (they are invariably greasy and fingerprint-laden, and often have bits of someone else's food adhering to them). And if any portion of what's in front of me has been covered by the germ-carrying units a priori, asking for a clean place-setting. My long-standing quip about there being "food on the menú--wipe it off!" is borne out and amplified in this first example of germ-infested places.
©M-J de Mesterton 2011

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