Leave the Pill Supply for Those in Japan Who Really Need It!

Sources of potassium iodide pills in the U.S. have been depleted by reactionaries who unscientifically believe that they may need to fight residual radiation that, in their imaginations, could travel here from Japan. Meanwhile, there is serious need for them over there in that small, stricken country.

The very idea of radiation reaching them is ludicrous. And they probably would not have thought up this "threat" had the slight chance of tsunami on west coast shores last Friday not been suggested!

UPDATE, March 19th: Infinitesimal traces of radioactivity have entered southern California as of yesterday, but they are not substantial enough to warrant the ingestion of potassium iodide pills. Save your pills for a nuclear situation that is more close to home.

San Jose Mercury News: Very Low Risk of Nuke Contamination on West Coast

 "Japan's Nuclear Safety Agency has stored potassium iodide to distribute in case of high radiation exposure, and the U.S. Navy is giving it to military crews exposed to radiation as they help with relief efforts in Japan. But government and independent experts say that Americans have little to fear from any radiation released by the damaged Japanese nuclear plant.

"You just aren't going to have any radiological material that, by the time it traveled those large distances, could present any risk to the American public," said Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman Greg Jazcko.
Other governments echoed that warning.
"We do not expect any health risk following the nuclear reactor releases in Japan, nor is the consumption of potassium iodide tablets a necessary precaution," British Columbia's health ministry told the public Tuesday."

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