Planting Days Santa Fe

  • Seeds for plants with a long growing season should be started indoors during the periods shown below.
  • Seeds for plants sown in the ground should be planted during the periods shown.
  • When no dates appear in the chart, that starting method is not recommended for the particular vegetable.

Planting by the Moon?

Above-ground crops are planted during the light of the Moon (new to full); below-ground crops are planted during the dark of the Moon (from the day after it is full to the day before it is new again). Planting is done in the daytime; planting at night is optional!
This chart includes the most popular crops. For others, consult your local cooperative extension.
ZIP Code or City,State
50% probability of frost free after May 22 (at PECOS NATIONAL MONUMENT, NM climate station).
CropStart Seeds IndoorsMoon-favorable DatesStart Seeds in the GroundMoon-favorable Dates
BeansMay 22-Jun 5Jun 1- 5
BeetsMay 1-Jun 12May 1- 2
BroccoliMar 27-Apr 10Apr 3-10May 1- 8May 3- 8
Brussels sproutsMar 27-Apr 10Apr 3-10
CabbageMar 27-Apr 10Apr 3-10May 15-29May 15-17
CarrotsApr 17-May 1Apr 18-May 1
CauliflowerMar 27-Apr 10Apr 3-10May 15-29May 15-17
CeleryMar 27-Apr 10Apr 3-10
CornJun 5-12Jun 5-12
CucumbersApr 24-May 8May 3- 8May 29-Jun 5Jun 1- 5
LettuceApr 10-24Apr 10-17May 15-Jun 5May 15-17
MelonsApr 24-May 8May 3- 8Jun 5-12Jun 5-12
Onion setsApr 24-May 1Apr 24-May 1
ParsnipsMay 1-22May 1- 2
PeasApr 10-24Apr 10-17
PeppersMar 27-Apr 10Apr 3-10
Potato tubersMay 22-Jun 5May 22-31
PumpkinsApr 24-May 8May 3- 8May 29-Jun 5Jun 1- 5
RadishesMay 15-29May 18-29
SpinachApr 10-24Apr 10-17
Squash, summerApr 24-May 8May 3- 8May 29-Jun 5Jun 1- 5
Squash, winterApr 24-May 8May 3- 8May 29-Jun 5Jun 1- 5
TomatoesMar 27-Apr 10Apr 3-10

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