Prison Blues Jeans: Classic Style at White's Boots of Spokane

Yes, they are made at a prison in Oregon. By men who know the dangers of wearing jeans too low on your hips...a style that began and now ends in prison!

Fashion-victims forgot long ago that the waist is located an inch above the navel, and that to keep one's pants, trousers or skirts from falling down. they must come up to the waist. No, the work-jeans pictured here are not "high-waisted"--they are just waist-high, in the classic, practical style. Pants that hang from the hip were a style adopted by prisoners, which spread like a bad virus to the clothes-buying public, and has yet to be eradicated. As you see here, the Oregon-based prison workshop has seen the light and is fashioning sensible trousers that actually flatter the human figure, male or female. Prison Blues also crafts western-style jackets and shirts. "CHECK IT OUT!"

The Model Shown Here,  Double-Knee Work Jeans, Described on the White's Site:
A traditional favorite of farmers, factory workers, truck drivers, loggers-people who work harder than they play.
  • Rugged 14.75 oz. 100% cotton denim
  • Riveted stress points
  • Thick side tool pocket
  • Double Knee
  • Optional Suspender Buttons
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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