Baked Alaska, an Elegant Dessert

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Fill a hollowed-out pound-cake with ice cream, preferably vanilla. Trim the top (see left) so that it is thin at its bottom, and place it on top of the ice cream. Prepare regular meringue with egg-whites and sugar. Frost the ice-cream-filled cake with it and bake the assembled dessert in a medium-hot oven until lightly browned.
Use an oven-proof platter, because transferring this delicate dessert to a serving-dish is likely to damage its careful construction.
This plate is made in Japan by Noritake, in the Blue Adobe pattern.

Bring your Baked Alaska to table while the meringue is still hot. Place the platter on a heat-proof pad or trivet. Cut this elegant dessert into sections and serve it as soon as possible so that the ice-cream filling will be cold and the meringue coating remains warm.
©M-J de Mesterton

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