Gevalia Kaffe Coming to American Market

Gevalia Kaffe Traditional Swedish Roast, an Ideal Medium-Brown Grind  that Has a Classic Aroma and Taste

Kraft Foods has chosen to market Gevalia, the favourite coffee of Sweden, known for its traditional medium-roast. The Swedes' own Gevalia Kaffe brand will be available this summer at more than 20,000 retailers throughout the United States.
Gevalia, a $400 million-dollar global mail-order Swedish brand, has long had a following in the U.S.A. "Gevalia is known and loved by millions who've purchased it online because it delivers on its promise of rich, smooth taste that's never bitter," said Domenic Borrelli, Vice President of Kraft's U.S. coffee-branch. "We're telling retailers the good news now. And, we're confident the convenience of being able to purchase Gevalia in stores will attract and delight an entirely new audience of discriminating coffee lovers."
Kraft Foods has a $5 billion global coffee-purveying business, which includes the  French brand Carte Noire and Jacobs from Germany.

Kraft said that Swedes drink more coffee than citizens in almost any other country (rivaling Finland, another Scandinavian country), adding that Gevalia Kaffe is the top Swedish coffee brand. Gevalia is the official coffee of the Swedish Royal Court.

In my opinion, having drunk Gevalia Kaffee for half of my life, it is the natural antidote for popular over-roasted varieties that seem to all taste the same (Starbucks' wide variety of dark roasts that are indistinguishable from one another comes to mind, all naturally-occurring flavours having been systematically burnt out of existence). Americans will soon be able to taste real, high-quality coffee without establishing a mail-order contract with Gevalia. The monotony will soon be passé. That is great news for coffee-connoisseurs!

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