Paul Gallico, Storyteller

Prolific Writer, Paul Gallico
Photo by Carl van Vechten, 1937

Paul Gallico was a 1919 graduate of Columbia University who first became famous as a sports columnist and editor at The New York Daily News. He interviewed and sparred with Jack Dempsey, later founding the Golden Gloves amateur boxing competition.  In his illustrious career as a sports-writer, Mr. Gallico caught Dizzy Dean's fast-ball, and golfed with Bobby Jones. He wrote the book that became a famous bio-pic of Lou Gehrig.

In the 1930s, Paul Gallico began writing fiction. Among his more notable works were The Three Lives of Thomasina, The Silent Miaow, Mrs 'Arris Goes to Paris, The Love of Seven Dolls (this Gallico book became the movie, "Lili" with Leslie Caron, Mel Ferrer and Jean-Pierre Aumont), The Poseidon Adventure, The Cat Who Thought She Was God, The Honorable Cat and The Snow Goose. For those of us who love cats, Mr. Gallico is a beloved story-teller.
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