Waist-High Trousers, On-Sale at Cabela's

These trousers/pants for women are very highly-rated by tasteful gals who are sick of the way clothing-makers have distorted the human form, just to save money on fabric and cloth. When you see a company advertising "natural waist" as one inch below the navel, when the human waist is actually located an inch ABOVE the bellybutton, you should know that they are lying to you. And calling that area between the waist and hips a "classic waist" as DuluthWomen.com do is just plain evil. But I  read several reviews to determine that the trousers pictured here actually DO come up to the real waist.

Cabela's Women's Authentic Fit 7-Pocket Hiker Pants, on Sale at $16.99 per Pair

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