Links to My Pre-Royal Wedding Bridal Gown Posts

Many people have now discovered my posts from earlier this year about an elegant, dignified wedding dress or bridal gown. I wrote these posts and posted the photos in January and March. It turns out that the Vogue pattern I chose was almost exactly what Princess Catherine, the bride of Prince William, wore at their wedding two days ago. I had also posted a photo of Julie Andrews as Maria von Trapp wearing a wedding gown in the movie, The Sound of Music, which some feel resembles the one worn by the new Duchess of Cambridge. For  many years, the only photos of bridal gowns in search results on the internet were strapless and sleeveless, which was why I spent time, beginning in January 2011, showing examples of dignified and truly elegant wedding dresses, and wrote about their importance.

Thanks for the mention, Crafty and Cooking Momma, and I'm glad that you like the pattern I found for a very similar wedding gown to Princess Catherine's--five whole weeks before she wore it.

©M-J de Mesterton
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