June Gardening

June Gardening, Northern Hemisphere

Posted on June 7, 2011 at 2:25 PM
There are good and bad days for certain gardening activities, according to the moon.
June, 2011
5th-8th These are bad days for planting. It's now a good time to eliminate pests, and to cut down brush.
9th-11th Good days for planting seeds for above-ground food-crops and flowers.
12th-13th Very good days for planting leafy greens. Any above-ground crops planted during this period should do well.
14th-16th Avoid all planting. These are good days in which to do hay-cutting, perform administrative duties and to engage in general farm-work.
17th-18th Plant root-crops such as potatoes, celeriac, carrots and beets.
19th-21st Poor days for any sort of planting. Kill plant-pests, fertilize, and do general farming chores now.
22nd-23rd This is a good period in which to plant late root-crops and vines. Set strawberry plants now. These are favourable days during which to do transplanting.
24th-25th These are barren days on which it is favourable for plowing and cutting hay.
26th-27th Good for planting root-crops, and for transplanting.
 28th-29th Do no planting during these days; seeds planted now will likely rot in the ground.
30th June: this is the best day of the month for planting root-crops, and will be excellent for sowing seed-beds and all transplanting.
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