Bare Legs were Never the Right Thing among Tasteful Women

REALLY? A woman wearing stockings--call the press right now; what a shocker!
Photo Copyright M-J de Mesterton
Seward Johnson Sculpture

As of this morning, I'm still seeing photos of gals on the "red carpets" with no stockings on their legs. But somehow, people have noticed that the Duchess of Cambridge wears them, though the always-sleazy fashion-press is calling them "pantihose." Women of good breeding and taste are never dressed without nylons or some other form of leg-and-thigh-covering hosiery--we have never stopped wearing stockings. What a shame that it took one woman to end a terrible fashion-trend that continued for at least ten years, and even had a famous victim: Mrs Obama. So, the sheep who covet "royalty," and seek to emulate all they do, will now begin wearing stockings and "pantihose"? Didn't they think for themselves all those years? Congratulations to the Duchess for having a mind and a style all her own. NO congrats are in order to the brainless mimics who had no discernment for all those years, and who thought that showing bare feet through their "peep-toes" was
somehow desirable Here is the somewhat silly article that caught my attention on Yahoo, where there is little news posted that isn't a puff-piece aimed at the most mindless followers of fashion: Here is a newsflash for them: STOCKINGS, Hosiery and PANTIHOSE are NOT a TREND!

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