Defend Your Garden with an Elegant 1800s Benjamin Air-Rifle

This is the same Benjamin used by Meriwether Lewis on the trail. The Benjamin still has loyal adherents today, and is very highly-rated on websites.  It is easy to deter vermin and other garden pests with this elegant wooden tool.
From Pyramid Air:
An American classic! The Benjamin 397 .177 cal. rifle is a multi-pump pneumatic. The hardwood Monte Carlo stock is sleek and lightweight. The rifled brass barrel is finished in black and sends pellets screaming at 800 fps! You can vary the velocity by the number of pumps (up to 8). The 397 is ideal for plinking, target shooting, slapping spinners and popping paper targets. In fact, we predict this gun will become one of your favorites.
Although this gun has been made for decades, the manufacturer continues to put extra fine details in the rifle, such as a swelling in the forearm to make it easier to pump and a fully adjustable rear sight. You can put a scope on the 397, but you'll want to use the B272 intermount to do that.
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