Solid Comfort and Super-Strength: Military Watch Bands by Maratac

My Mil-Spec, Ultra-Comfortable and Tough Zulu Extreme Four-Ring Watchband
We love these watch bands by Maratac for year-round wear, though they are especially comfortable in summer's hot and humid conditions. My husband discovered mil-spec (military specification) Zulu watch bands years ago when he worked with the SAS. I think they are the perfect Elegant Survival accessories, being both rugged and elegant.

I wear a Zulu Extreme mil-spec watch band on my Timex Easy Reader, almost every day while doing indoor and outdoor chores, as well as during the night while I sleep (the Timex Easy Reader lights up like a torch to tell you the time and guides you in the dark). Unlike stainless steel, silicone and leather bands, this mil-spec band by Maratac does not produce heat-rash in summertime.  After wearing it the bath or shower on a waterproof watch, the Zulu will dry quickly on your wrist, and even provide a little coolness on your arm while it is still damp.  One of the comfort-aspects of the Zulu strap is that it rests under the back of your watch, providing a buffer-zone between it and your skin for coolness. Read what the eminent purveyor of military watches, Broad Arrow,  says about the Zulu watchband in the following excerpt:

New! Maratac Mil-Series NATO MI-6 Bands

Brand new from Maratac are the Mil-Series NATO MI-6 Bands.  These are the original regimental colors you've seen in the British Secret Agent movies from the '60's.  These are about as close as you're going to get to the original pattern, but they've been updated to Maratac standards featuring stainless steel furnishings as well as stitched, and welded seams. Look great on a vintage Sub or any of your military watches.
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