Monrovia Horticultural Craftsmen

The Monrovia company of Horticultural Craftsmen was founded by Mr. Harry Rosedale in 1926 in the eponymous California town. The nursery company, which ships its Distinctively Better® Plants throughout the United States to purveyors, now has several other growing locations.

Harry Rosedale was one of the early pioneers to grow plants in containers. It was a revolutionary idea, but he saw that plants would endure less trauma and transplant better if they remained in their containers until they were ready to be planted in the landscape.

The challenge was to create an environment of soil that allowed the plants to flourish. We have continually improved our soil mixes, developed better irrigation systems and led the way with a series of horticultural breakthroughs resulting in extraordinarily healthy plants that will not only survive, but thrive, in home gardens.

Today, Monrovia grows more than 2,300 varieties and 22 million plants annually, but each one is nurtured by hand with care to assure it is truly Distinctively Better. Distinctively Better® Plants

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