Health Insurance is the Problem, Not the Solution

 Taking Charge of One's Own Health, an Individual Choice,
  Will Be Penalized Within a Year in the U.S.A.
THE U.S. HEALTH-CARE LAW IS PREDICATED UPON A FALSE PREMISE--READ the BELOW-ARTICLE. I received this information, which I have known, experienced and written about for years, in a newsletter fromNewsmax, sans attribution:
Paying Medical Bills in Cash Slashes Costs 
M-J's Note:
I know from experience that this is absolutely TRUE. And since the "health-care" law passed by Democrats, while they controlled the house and senate (without reading it, behind closed doors and with the help of bribes and threats), people's insurance premiums have skyrocketed to the point where it would cost them less to cancel their policies and just pay cash for treatment.

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