Summer Planting and Gardening Dates

June, 2013
10th-11th These are excellent days to plant flower-beds, vegetables, tomatoes and other and above-ground crops, including cotton and corn.
12th-15th Do not plant now; rather, do farm chores.
16th-18th Sow grains and plant above-ground crops now. Plant Flowers.
19th-20th Very favourable time to plant leafy vegetables. Above-ground crops and seed-beds planted now will flourish.
21st-22nd Poor Planting Days. Cut Hay Or Do General Farm Work.
23rd-25th Plant late root crops.
26th-27th Do not plant.
28th-30th Favorable time to plant late root-crops. Also good for vine-crops, strawberries and transplanting.
July 2013
1st-2nd Do not plant.
3rd-5th Transplanting will be successful; plant root-crops.
6th-7th Do not plant now.
8th-9th Plant flower-beds and above-ground crops.
10th-13th D not plant. Do farm-work and pest-control.
14th-15th Sow grains, plant seed-beds; these are very good days for all above-ground crops to be planted.
16th-17th Very good days for planting cabbage, cauliflower, and other leafy vegetables. Good for planting seedbeds.
18th-19th Do not plant now.
20th-22nd  The 20th and 21st  are favourable for planting above-ground crops. Last good day for planting root crops, including potatoes: 22nd.
23rd-24th: Do not plant. 
25th-27th Good for planting root-crops. Alsogood for planting melons, gourds, marrows and for trans[planting.
28th-29th Do not plant.
Transplanting will be successful; plant root-crops.
August 2013
Transplanting will be successful; plant root-crops.
2nd-3rd Do not plant seeds now.
4th-5th Plant seedbeds and flowers; t
ransplanting will be successful; plant root-crops.

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