Making Strained Yoghurt, also Known as Greek Yogurt and Labneh

Save the Whey in a Jar for Making Smoothies
M-J’s Yoghurt-Straining System: a White Plastic Bucket with Tight-Fitting Lid,  the Sieve from a Small Oxo Salad-Spinner, Two Zip-Ties, and a Paper Towel
Make Your Own Labneh or “Greek Yogurt” by Straining the Whey-Liquid out of Plain Yoghurt
After You Have Strained Your Plain Yogurt, Save the Whey in a Jar for Adding to Health-Promoting Smoothies
Spreadable Yoghurt-Cheese
Greek Yogurt, Yoghurt Cheese
Straining the Whey out of Yogurt for about 24 Hours Produces a Spreadable Yogurt-Cheese~~LEFT: Labneh or Strained Greek Yogurt RIGHT: Yogurt-Cheese
Straining your own yoghurt (labneh) makes a delightful Mediterranean or Middle Eastern spread for bread or pita. Laden with labneh, sprinkled with zaatar Middle Eastern spice mixture and drizzled with olive oil, this pita bread is about to be reassembled for a magnificent taste-treat.
Another Method of Straining Yogurt from M-J in 2011

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