M-J's Check It and Chuck It Update for Skin-Care

Potentially Dangerous Ingredients
in Personal Grooming Products

M-J de M. Says,
"Check It and Chuck It!"

Where to Look for These Chemical Additives

The Likely Risks Posed by These Unnecessary Poisons
ParabensParabens are very frequently  used as preservatives in soaps and cosmetics. Your skin is the largest and most damage-prone organ of your body.The three commonly-used parabens are associated with the development of cancers; they cause hormone-imbalances. Look for the three wicked sisters: Poly, Ethyl and Methyl Paraben--and give them the heave-ho!
Petrolatum, Paraffin, and Mineral Oil Found in many "high-quality" lotions and skin-creams.These petroleum derivatives coat the skin like plastic – clogging pores with toxins and causing premature ageing. Petroleum-containing products can disrupt one's endocrine-system--their hormones--in negative ways. Paraffin is wax, and is just about the most comedogenic substance you can apply to your skin.
Sodium Laurel or Lauryl Sulfate --It's also Known as Sodium Laureth Sulfate This chemical causes skin to weaken and age prematurely; it makes the skin more thin and porous thus prone to absorbing other dangerous substances.Sodium Laurel/Sodium Laureth Sulfates can combine with other chemicals and form "nitrosamine" which is a known carcinogen usually found in preserved meats such as bacon.

Propylene GlycolFound in many cosmetics as an emollient, and is also used in fragrance-olis.Propylene Glycol can cause dermatitis and skin irritation. It may inhibit skin-cell growth. Propylene glycol is associated with kidney and liver problems.
Phenol-Carbolic AcidFound in some lotions and skin creams.Can cause circulatory corrosion, neuroligical damage, coma, and respiratory failure.
AcrylamideA common ingredient in many face-creams and liquid facial foundations.Acrylamide is associated with the development of tumors in the breast.
TolueneFound in most nail-polishes and some fragrance-sprays.Chronic exposure to toluene has been linked to anemia,  liver and kidney damage, and may adversely affect the unborn baby.
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