M-J's Elegant, Rustic Pot au Feu


Chopped vegetables are added to the large pot after diced bacon is fully-cooked in a little olive oil. 

After the chopped vegetables are lightly sautéed with the bacon bits, wine is added to the pot.

Tri-tip beef and cut-up new potatoes are added on top of the savoury vegetables, then the pot is closed and cooked on low heat for several hours. ©M-J de Mesterton 2021


In my latest version of pot au feu, red "new potatoes" are scrubbed clean, cut into halves or quarters, and placed in the heavy pot of sautéed beef chunks together with carrots (also scrubbed and cut but left unpeeled), celery, sweet peppers and red onion. The richest red wine is added to the pot initially and intermittently; this tenderizes the meat and adds a traditional taste to the dish. ©M-J de Mesterton 2021

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