Kitchen Corner: Spud Survival


Storing potatoes outside of the fridge for as long as possible before they begin to sprout preserves their interior chemical-composition, keeping their starch from becoming sugary, a process which develops high levels of dangerous acrylamide when the spuds are cooked. Pictured here in my Nantucket basket are tiny "new potatoes" that can, once they sprout, be used to start spud-plants in your garden. These versatile little red potatoes take much less time to bake than average-sized ones, thus saving gas or electricity. Baked potatoes are fluffier inside than boiled ones, and can be frozen for many future applications. HERE'S ONE NOW:
Pre-Baked Red Potatoes Sautéed in Butter: the Beginning of a Hearty Roast Beef Hash

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I have discovered Potato Goodness, an all-encompassing web-site about spuds: nutrition, recipes, and information about varieties of this popular, versatile root-vegetable.

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