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From My Porcelain Collection

Lovely to See You

My Little Water-Wise Stone Garden

Elegant Conservation: Water Wisdom

New Harping on My Old Theme: Conserving Precious Resources

Let Us Eat Cake

Kitchen Corner: Making Pizza

Bob Marley: Redemption Song

O Tempora, O Mores

Kitchen Corner: Spud Survival

Musical Memories

Elegant Springtime Terrace

Original Glass Art Photography by M-J de Mesterton

Large Rock Painting by M-J de Mesterton, Copyright 2006

Happy Easter; King's College Choir, Cambridge

Palm Sunday, 2022

Kitchen Corner: Tea Towels

Noise in the Library

Decorating a Small Room for Springtime

Painting by M-J de Mesterton, 2021

Early Art by M-J de Mesterton

Paintings by M-J de Mesterton

M-J de Mesterton's Outdoor Painting Studio

Italian Parsley, My Cool Weather Crop